Bay Visions

Marin Garden Club and five other Northern California chapters of the Garden Club of America (GCA) formed the Bay Visions Committee to work together to restore, improve, and protect the San Francisco Bay Area’s bays.

Consistent with the purpose of GCA, Bay Visions works with and educates the members and our communities on the bay’s critical importance to the surrounding communities, the environment and ocean health.  We support ongoing efforts to conserve and improve our bays and estuaries.

Since 2014, Bay Visions representatives have:

  • talked to legislators in Washington, D.C. and Sacramento about funding for wetlands restoration and protection;
  • participated in wetlands and dune restoration workdays;
  • taken field trips around San Francisco Bay and to Monterey Bay to study wetlands projects; and
  • organized educational programs for members of our six clubs.

In January, 2021, the Bay Vision Committee hosted a Symposium, “The Power of Plants Will Save the Bay,” which attracted more than 700 viewers. The 90-minute webinar describes how Bay Area scientists are collaborating on ways to protect San Francisco Bay from the risks posed by development, climate change, and sea-level rise. For a recording of the program and links to resources for native plants and wetlands projects, click here;Bay Visions 2021 Symposium.