Partners for Plants

Partners for Plants is a joint program of the Garden Club of America’s conservation and horticulture committees to monitor and conserve rare plants, restore native habitats, and remove invasive weeds on federal, state, and local public lands. Partners for Plants (P4P) volunteers have partnered with land agencies to conserve a variety of natural open spaces throughout the United States. Since the program’s beginning in 1992, there have been more than 470 projects nationwide.

Marin Garden Club’s current project focuses on Bothin Marsh Preserve in Mill Valley, an important wetlands area that has been invaded by Russian thistle and ice plant. By removing these weeds, we will be helping to protect the native habitat. Our previous project involved pulling French broom and other invasive plants from Old St. Hilary’s Open Space in Tiburon and revegetating the preserve with native wildflowers and grasses. Our workdays are guided by ecologists and other experts from Marin County Parks. We welcome students and local residents to join us.